We enjoyed Calgary despite staying at perhaps the worst RV Park – Whispering Spruce. I refused to use the showers and the spots were rutted, muddy and inhabited by prairie dogs. We should have just left but it was convenient to downtown Calgary so we stuck it out. If only it wasn’t raining the whole time so we could of at least been entertained by the prairie dogs frolicking nearby!

We toured the Heritage Park Historical Village. It was very well done and we enjoyed the roundhouse. They had an unbelievable display of old gas pumps. It was a memorable day because we got completely soaked (and hailed on!)

We only had one day but we also checked out the Lee Valley store (one of Alan’s favorites), walked around Stephen Avenue and enjoyed a good (but loud) dinner at Beer Revolution.


On our drive to Calgary, we stopped at the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. It was a very nice museum that explained all about how the Indians used the cliff at that location to drive buffalo to their death. They had very well-organized and informative displays. It was definitely worth the short detour.


I’m finally getting this post up while we sit in the Walmart parking lot in Dawson Creek, BC. This is officially mile marker 0 on the Alaskan Highway. I have one more post from Edmonton where we met up with Brian and Will. We did everything together there – so you can check out his blog!


6 thoughts on “Calgary

  1. As usual, I am enjoying your blog and pics. Oh, and that restaurant in Issaquah– we used to eat there when we lived in Issaquah!

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