Hiking at Muncho Lake


Muncho Lake is a gorgeous shade of turquoise from the naturally occurring copper oxide.

On our second day, it looked like it was going to be sunny, so we set out on a little hike. The trail left right from the campground and went up to the original Alaskan Highway route along the cliff. In the next picture, I’m standing on the Old Alaskan Highway looking down on the modern road.


No matter what you hear, the road is in pretty good shape – at least as far as we’ve come and there has been gas at regular intervals (you just have to ignore the price.) Our windshield is cracked but that happened pretty early (30 miles from milepost 0) and luckily it is just a little spot in the corner.


Did I mention that it was just a little hike and sunny? None of us bothered to bring any rain gear. I have a great new jacket that I got at the REI flagship store – it folds up inside its own pocket but did I bring it? No. This is what it looks like when you see rain starting to come from across the lake towards you ….


We got back to the camper a little wet but not soaked through like we were at the Heritage Village in Calgary. We even went on another hike in the afternoon. We took a “trail” up a wash until we got to the hoodoos.




The Internet hasn’t been great but I’ve managed to get these last few posts uploaded and scheduled while we are staying in Watson Lake. By the time you read this, we will be through Teslin and in Whitehorse (Yukon) or maybe on a little side trip to Skagway.

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