The Yukon


We’ve made it to the Yukon. We left Muncho Lake and got to Watson Lake on June 18. The Alaskan Highway As I write this (driving along the Alaskan Highway going to Whitehorse), we have been on the road for 50 days and we have driven 6,575 miles (although not all of them with the trailer.)


We stopped for a quick hike at Teeter Creek Falls along the road and then on to the Signpost Forest. That is just about all there is in Watson Creek, except for a very nice Visitor Center. Texas is very well represented on the Signposts. Maybe we will be like the Frey’s and come back year after year.


Our next stop was Teslin, where we visited the George Johnston Museum and the Teslin Tlingit (pronounced klink-it) Heritage Centre. Camping was along the Teslin Lake at our first Yukon Government Campground where they provide free firewood and only charge $12 a night (no hookups of any kind, though.)


We are thinking we will stay in Whitehorse for at least a few nights and maybe take a side trip to Skagway/Haines. I’m thinking that I could really use a very nice do-nothing day! We have been driving a lot without any days to completely recover.


We have seen a lot of wildlife most days while driving the Alaskan Highway. I’m not sure if I posted these before but we have seen a lot of bison and black bears. The grizzlies have also been spotted but we haven’t seen them.


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