We have been enjoying Whitehorse. It is a “big” city with a Walmart and large grocery stores. The weather has even been mostly cooperating. I did get to the local quilt shop but couldn’t bring myself to buy more than a small kit since the fabric was $18.50/meter! It was a nice shop, though.

Yesterday, we went to the see the sled dogs at Muktuk Adventures. It was a blast! We got to play with the puppies and learned all about sled dogs and the races. It was really cool to see the dogs go crazy any time one of the dogs got on a leash. I’ve got a video that I will try and upload as soon as we have an Internet connection that can manage it.


I have a few more pictures from our drive to Teslin. We stopped at a small park with some falls and a little trail. Brian spotted this bird that we think now is a tarmagen (after extensive review of the pictures and consultation with the bird book.) It wasn’t really conclusive, though, so if anyone out there knows any better, please let me know!


We saw more wildlife along the road – the black bears have been everywhere. This guy was hanging around eating dandelions.


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