More Whitehorse

We are planning to leave Whitehorse tomorrow for next destination unknown. As I write this, our caravan of two has not decided whether we are detouring to Skagway or heading on to the Kluane National Park and Tok.



Brian and Will went hiking today while we walked the 5 km Millennium trail to the Yukon Fish ladder and then checked out the SS Klondike, Berengia Interpretive Center, and the Transportation Museum. I would have liked a day to go hiking but since I chose to sew yesterday and just hang out in camp, that wasn’t really an option.

The highlight of the day would definitely be the DC-3 weather vein. It always points into the wind … we even saw it spin around a bit.


It was also interesting to tour the SS Klondike. River boat traffic was an important part of Yukon history.


Here I am making my best beaver impression next to the Giant Beaver which were known to roam the Berengia …


That is it for tonight – off to the showers and packing up for tomorrow!

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