We were thinking that we would be stopping in Chitna after leaving Tok but the weather was looking wet so we continued on to Valdez. We stopped to see the Alaska Pipeline (again) and at Worthington glacier (also again) and then had to drive through a cloud …


Alan and I had been in Valdez years ago with Princess as part of a cruise/ground tour. Our catamaran broke down that was supposed to take us to the ship but Princess chartered a plane, and gave us a lunch voucher and a nice on-ship credit. We thought it was very well-handled! Valdez was sunnier the last time we were here, though.


Today, Brian and Will took a boat tour and we drove as close as you could to the Valdez Glacier, went to the Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery (no fish yet), hiked up to the Solomon Gulch reservoir and visited the Maxine and Jesse Whitney Museum (which was very nice and free!)

You have to take a kayak up to actually see the Valdez Glacier but the lake was pretty, even with the clouds …


The fish aren’t at the hatchery yet, but the seals were hanging out waiting …


We startled a little bear on the hike – no picture. He was running down the hill. We weren’t expecting that there still would be ice on the reservoir when we finally got up there.


It was a bit of a climb up, but the views over the Port were great.


We were supposed to leave tomorrow but since it is the holiday we may stick around town. There is a free picnic and parade! Happy 4th of July!

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