Kennecott Copper Mine


I am way behind in my posts! I should just post a link over to Brian’s blog – he’s been doing a good job staying up to date. Or, maybe I should get Alan to do the posts. I have been keeping my iPhoto Journal up to date, though I haven’t figured out how to share that.


As an aside, I like iPhoto and I love the journal function but iPhoto is terrible about getting pictures that have been edited (and I can’t help but edit every one of my photos!) back out to use them in blog posts. This really ticks me off since my blog posts end up taking twice as long as they need to and then I have to deal with the frustration of WordPress. There really is no functionality in the WordPress iPad app to easily work offline and manage picture layout.


I’m just going to use all of this ranting as excuse for me to have room for pictures of flowers … I like to mix text and pictures and I tend to leave out the flower pictures if there isn’t enough text to go around.

Now, on to the post ….


We visited the Kennecott Copper Mine the last time we were in Alaska. I remember it as one of the highlights of our trip. It is very difficult to get to – out a very long and poorly maintained dirt road – and I thought we might not make the trip again. The last time we flew on a small plane. You can drive the road but it is hell on your car/truck and takes four hours – one way. We opted for the van this time.


Things had changed a bit (we were lamenting not bringing the pictures from our last trip to Alaska along on this trip) but we were lucky in that they were only days away from closing the main processing building to tours. The Park Service has been doing restoration work on some of the buildings and other structures. You can see that some of the buildings have been repainted a brighter red.


One day is really not enough to explore the whole town because you are constrained by the van schedule. We had just enough time to have a little lunch, explore a few buildings that weren’t on the tour and then take the guided tour. Maybe someday we will come back again and stay long enough to explore the nearby glacier and hike up to the actual mines.


Alan’s workshop never looks like this …


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