Matanuska Glacier


The sun is shining today so I am inspired to post from the last time we saw the sun – on Matanuska Glacier outside of Palmer before we got to Anchorage. We had a great day hiking around the ice with our guide, Josh. He was very agreeable about taking our picture, so I’ve got a lot of group photos to share.


I don’t really have a lot of commentary to add, though … I will just say it was cool! The crampons were of course necessary but it was even easier to hike on the ice with them than I expected.


I don’t have any photos of me playing in the mud but it was fun and I did it often! The glacial silt makes excellent mud. They need to find a way to package it up as some kind of beauty treatment.


As a travel update, I’m posting this from Seward. We’ve been here a few days … No cell service on this side of the mountain (we are staying north of town) but we have decent wifi. Not sure where we are going next. We have to be in Denali at the beginning of August but our schedule is flexible until then.

I’ve still got pictures to post from our boat tour of Resurrection Bay … I will try and get at least some of them up before we leave here.


3 thoughts on “Matanuska Glacier

  1. I’m jealous to read this post! My husband and I have planned a trip to Alaska half a dozen times but have always been sidetracked before we book the airfare. Your recent posts have let me enjoy it vicariously. Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

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