The Last Days of Seward

After the boat tour, the weather remained stubbornly overcast. Reen opted to hunker down and turned the camper into her mobile quilt studio for a day of sewing.

I headed out on a hike with Brian and Will to search for “Lost Lake”. It turned out to be about 14 miles out and back with about a 2000 ft elevation gain. The scenery didn’t disappoint and it never actually rained, so a pretty good hike overall. Surprisingly, Lost Lake wasn’t really that hard to find. I didn’t bring a camera, so head over to Brian’s blog for the pictures.

On our last day in Seward, the sun finally proved its existence, and we headed out to experience what it’s like to tour Alaska under sunny skies again. Our destination, wait for it, a glacier!

On the way we stopped at a nice viewpoint and Reen got some pictures of the surrounding vista.


And some close ups of the Lupine.



This is the Exit Glacier, so named because someone or some group at some time were up on the ice field and chose this glacier to exit out of the mountains. End of history lesson.

The glacier from a distance.


Some glaciers end with a bang and some, like this one, with a whimper. Here the glacier peters out to nothing.


Maureen once again indulges her addiction to glacier silt mud.


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