Delta Junction, What’s Your Function

Aug. 16 2012

We’re on the road from Chena Hot Springs to Delta Junction. Our route takes us back through Fairbanks, so we take the opportunity to stop at Walmart and refill our cupboards as this will probably be the last decent shopping opportunity for a while.

Along the way we stop at Rika’s roadhouse, once a real roadhouse, now a state historic site. Reen and I remember stopping here on our previous Alaska tour. Its pretty late so we have the place pretty much to ourselves. We spend an hour or so wandering about the grounds before continuing on our way.

This is an old sod roof building.


Reen’s favorite flower shot from the garden.


There were also goats and chickens. Maureen was apparently in an anti-chicken mood, or perhaps she is in the pocket of Big-Goat, because she only gave me a picture of a goat to post. (Chicken lovers don’t despair, your time is coming…)


Delta Junction is a small town that marks the official end of the Alaska Highway. On our trip into Alaska we turned south at Tok before this point, so this is our first time here. Tomorrow we will drive on the only remaining part of the Alaska Highway, the road from Delta Junction to Tok. Here is the official end marker for the Alaska Highway. Its been quite a while since we left the start marker at Dawson Creek, 1422 miles away, as shown on the sign.


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