Carmacks and Carry Max

Its time to leave Dawson City and head back to Whitehorse. It would make for a really long day so we decide to take 2 days for the drive. The first day gets us most of the way to the small town of Carmacks. The town is named after George Carmacks who is partially credited with discovering the gold near Dawson City.

Since there is not much to the town we decide to stay at another Yukon government campground about 10 miles out. These campgrounds tend to be nice, inexpensive and offer free firewood. This one is no different.

Before heading to the campground we stopped at the Five Fingers Rapids overlook on the Yukon river. This is an area of the river where large rock islands divide up the river. It was a very dangerous point of passage for the riverboats back in the day.

There is a trail which leads down from the overlook to a closer view of the river. The first part of the trail requires going down about 200 wooden steps. Max was along for the trip and old, nearly blind dogs don’t do so well on wooden steps so Brian shows what a devoted dog owner he is by carrying Max down all 200 stairs. Despite his normal opposition to being carried, Max doesn’t look like he is minding this trip, does he.

This is the life!

Max had no problems on the rest of the trail, and much to Brian’s relief, even managed to climb up the stairs on his own. Way to go Max!

This is the main passage used by the riverboats. Its not as dangerous as it once was due to some blasting of the rocks. Before the blasting there were actually steel cables permanently anchored to the rock that the boats could use to control their path. There doesn’t seem to be any remaining remnants that we can see.

This shows most of the five fingers rapids.

Once you’re through its pretty smooth sailing.

Once back to camp we settle in for the tradition campground evening, dinner cooked on the grill, a big campfire, and a smores-fest before heading off to bed.

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