On to the Rockies, Day 1

Aug. 28, 2012

Our travels now take us toward the Canadian Rockies via the Yellowhead Highway. After a days drive we pull up into Tyhee Lake Provincial Park near the town of Telkwa.

We haven’t seen much wildlife while driving recently, but today the bears are out in force. Here’s one of at least three black bears we saw foraging right next to the road.

Alaska 2012 003

Along the way we also stopped at Moricetown Canyon to see some more Salmon fishing and visit a local First Nations museum about the area. This had once been a traditional fishing area for the First Nations. At some point all fishing was prohibited but today the First Nations people are once again allowed to fish.

The fishing is focused on the set of falls on the river. Its quite the operation. The fish are literally just scooped out of the water at the bottom of the falls on the left and the right. The net goes in the water and a few seconds later a fish or two is hoisted up. At that point a small boy (seen in the middle) runs over and takes the fish. If it’s a keeper, he runs across the bridge to the right and hands it off. At this point it gets clubbed and added to the catch. Some fish (i.e the lucky ones) have been previously tagged and that is their “get out of jail free” card. They get taken over the left bridge where their tag numbers are recorded before they are released back upstream to spawn.

Alaska 2012 004

The campground turns out to be another very well maintained BC provincial park, but a little expensive for not having any services. We do manage to find time for a nice walk around the campground trail with Brian and Max. The trail is rife with huckleberries but we decide to pass on the harvest. They’re not blueberries after all.

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