On to the Rockies, Day 2

Aug. 29, 2012

We continued on the Yellowhead highway today all the way to Prince George.

Along the way, we made a tourist detour to visit the Fort St. James National Historic Site. The site is a mixture of original and restored buildings of the Hudson Bay Company post. Each building includes at least one interpreter in period costume to answer any questions you might have.

This the main storage building which was full of all kinds of supplies. The guide also gave us a demonstration of the old style animal traps, ouch!

Alaska 2012 011

There were lots and lots of real furs hanging all over and in large piles.

Alaska 2012 005

That is another storage building in the back and the Men’s Building in the front.

Alaska 2012 010

The storage building contained mostly dried Salmon. It smells really bad and we’re told it tastes even worse.

Alaska 2012 006

There was also a general store building. Maureen couldn’t resist taking a picture of the fabric for sale.

Alaska 2012 014

We also toured the commanders house. One unique feature was a pair of stuffed eagles decorating the walls.

Alaska 2012 015

In the kitchen they had just finished baking cookies in the old wood stove. Brian treated everyone and they were quite tasty. I even went back before we left to secure the recipe for the sour cream sugar cookies.

More chickens! There were a couple dozen chickens running about the yard. Chicken antics are always fun to watch.

Alaska 2012 022

Because of our detour, we pulled into Prince George on the late side. After checking out the visitor center for some wi-fi we decided to just park at the Walmart for the night. After securing our spots, Brian’s stomach soon took charge and he forced us all to head across the street to Fatburger for dinner.

4 thoughts on “On to the Rockies, Day 2

  1. We have been following you for a while now and really enjoying your blog.
    Where are you now. If you are going south through WA there is an AS park in Lacey WA. A good place for a home base while exploring.

    Just thought I would let you know.


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