The Rockies at Last, Jasper National Park

Aug. 30, 2012

This was our third and last (long) day of driving to get to the Canadian Rockies. Our one stop along the way was a visit to Rearguard Falls for lunch and some sightseeing.

Alaska 2012 002 

Alaska 2012 006

We arrived at the town of Jasper in the early evening to find lots and lots of people, apparently we forgot that they also celebrate labor day in Canada. The visitor center is in the center of town which made it very difficult to get to with the campers. There is a very large campground (100’s of sites) near town but we decided to take the advice of the park gate attendant and head to a smaller no-hookup campground about 10 minutes north of town called Snaring River. There we found plenty of spots available and set up camp. To ease the stress of the long day we made the drive to the Miette Hot Springs for a relaxing soak.

The mountains in this area are very picturesque, and much different looking from the mountains we saw in Alaska. This is a shot coming into town. It pretty much looks like this in every direction.

Alaska 2012 015

Despite only a few hours driving in the park, we had quite a few animal sightings. First was some bighorn sheep on the hillside.

Alaska 2012 022

This was soon followed by our first sightings of mountain goats. They constantly look like they are going to fall off the hill, but they never do. The best thing about mountain goats is the dumb look they always seem to have on there face.

Alaska 2012 052

Alaska 2012 046

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