The Jasper Tramway

Sept. 2, 2012

The weather was nice when we woke up and everyone was a little tired of hiking so we headed over to the Jasper Tramway. The Tramway is a enclosed cable car which takes you up a nearby mountain in 7 minutes.

Apparently we were not the only ones with this idea, and we found a large crowd of people both waiting to buy and use their tram tickets. Instead of waiting an hour+ to ride the tram we purchased tickets for later in the day and headed back to town to visit the Jasper History Museum.

The Jasper history museum focuses on the history of Jasper the town and the national park. It was small but interesting. After visiting the museum and the attached used book sale, we ate our lunches on some benches out front in the sun.

Our tram times were approaching so we drove back over to the tram station. The weather at the bottom was nice and pleasant, around 70 degrees. The weather at the top was a different story. The temperatures were probably in the 40s, which wasn’t too bad, but there was also a constant wind around 30mph.

Despite the conditions we made the additional climb from the upper tram station to the top of the mountain.

View of the tram station from the top of the mountain.

Alaska 2012 004

Brian and Will at the top. Brian was doing something with his phone and refused to turn around for the photo.

Alaska 2012 006

View looking out over the town of Jasper.

Alaska 2012 007

View not looking out over the town of Jasper.

Alaska 2012 012

The trip down the hill went a little faster than the trip up. There were long lines to get on the down tram so we detoured to the station restaurant for some hot chocolate to warm up. We just made it back on line before the end of the day rush.

Here’s the tram coming up that will soon return us to the warm zone.

Alaska 2012 018

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