Bryce Canyon National Park

We have made it safely to our summer destination – Bryce Canyon National Park, Sunset Campground, Camp Host Site 2! It is a beautiful campground and there is a nice loop with sites just for the camp hosts and a couple of other Park employees.

The weather was pretty nice the day we arrived and we were able to get our site fully set-up – that means mat, cooler, table cloth, and chairs. We got everything out of the truck that we had hauled from home – our bikes, my yoga board (to give me a flat surface outside), etc. That was all great until the next day when our site was looking like this:


It was beautiful, but a little cold! Our rig held up just fine, though – toasty warm and cozy.

Since this is what most of the campsites looked like, there wasn’t a lot for the camp hosts to do:


We took a walk over to the rim to see what the Canyon looked like in the snow. The sun wasn’t out but it was magical.


We had some company in the campground during the storm. They didn’t seem to mind the cold weather.


We even hung around the rim long enough to get into a snowball fight.


More pictures of the rim in the snow to come …

9 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. While that’s beautiful, Maureen, I’m so glad it’s you there and not me! I can’t STAND the cold!! LOL So you mean as a camp host, you’re on a private circle where no one except park employees can stay? If so, that is NICE! Sounds like you guys will have a lot of fun this summer!!

    1. Sherrill, Good to hear from you! Yes, the camp hosts have a nice private circle in Sunset Campground at Bryce. It is a great set up.

      The really nice thing is that the snow is gone and it has warmed up. Alan is threatening to wear shorts tomorrow!

  2. Such a beautiful shot of your “summer” desitination; but I had to laugh. Really looking forward to this new blog. Love catching up on your experiences!! What camera are you using for these fantastic photos?

    1. Hi Aunt Nancy!

      Glad you like the pictures. I had to brave freezing temperatures to get them but I figured my opportunity for Bryce in the snow pictures was going to be limited!

      I only use a Nikon P500 – not a DSLR but a bit more than a point and shoot. I have taken a few of the pictures from my phone but all of these have been with my Nikon.

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