Bryce Canyon in the Snow


Our “boss” Kevin opened Sunset Campground on the 15th but things were pretty quiet while the weather was cold. There is another couple here that we share camphost responsibilities with and they covered the first three days. We got trained and outfitted with hats, jackets, shirts and pants (at least Alan got pants – they didn’t have anything close to my size!)

Other than the training and tracking down the woman that would give us our employee car pass, we didn’t have much to do (or could do) while there was five inches of snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. We got out to the rim twice (it is only about a half-mile walk from our campsite) – once when it was still snowing and then, finally, when the sun was shining!


It was unbelievably beautiful. I wish that we had been geared up to go down the trail but we have yet to buy any crampons. We’ve talked about it but it never really seemed worth it – before now. We still wouldn’t have been able to hike the trail in the next picture – Navajo Loop. It is one of our favorites but it washes out every winter and it hasn’t been rebuilt yet. You can just make out the switchbacks under the snow.


After the snow was pretty much gone, we took over camphost duties while our co-hosts headed out for some repairs. It was mostly good, although I will admit that I wasn’t expecting to spend so much of my time “hassling” campers about the rules! Of course, we are just giving friendly reminders but there have been campers not paying, parking off-road, putting up tents in the vegetation, and collecting firewood – all of this and we’ve only been on-duty five days and the campground is only partly full!


I’m hoping that the annoying parts of the camphost job will be worth it to get to enjoy this view (without the snow) all summer!


4 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon in the Snow

  1. I hope by the end of your trip that you won’t be “used to” the beautiful scenery and expect so much when you get home!! LOL Such beautiful photos of the canyons! Makes me want to explore there!! Be careful and get your crampons!! (now just found out what they were)

  2. Such a pretty place. I wish I had taker my kids there when they were young.

    It is a great place to camp and explore. Only to be young again.

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