Before Bryce …

We were on a bit of a tight schedule to get to Bryce Canyon in time for our duties to start on April 15th. I had gone back East for a visit with family over Easter and didn’t get home to Texas until the 8th. That only left us three days to get the trailer cleaned and packed. Usually that isn’t a problem, but we got “warned” about having the trailer on the street in front of our townhouse, so we had to take it back to storage and do some of the loading there.


We took our usual route out of Texas – through Amarillo and then on to Albuquerque. We turned north out of Gallop, NM and the road was pretty remote after that. We had to take a break along the side of the road. (FYI: I took the above picture with my phone, although I cropped it afterwards.)


Our last stop before Bryce Canyon was near the Glen Canyon Dam in Page, AZ. They even had a WalMart in Page but we opted to camp at a nice, private (former KOA) campground. (Brian and Will have worn off on us quite a bit but not enough to get Alan to readily agree to the WalMart camping.)


The only other thing that we did in Page (besides searching, unsuccessfully, for a place to buy wine) was to hike out to see Horseshoe Bend in the Colorado River. It was the worst time to be taking pictures – late afternoon. I couldn’t get any shot of the whole horseshoe without a lot of glare. It was cool to see, though.


Glen Canyon dam is the end of Lake Powell. We were passing it on our way out of town so we stopped at the visitor center and signed up for the tour. It was nice – we got a lot of time on the dam and took the elevator down to the Power Plant. Our cute little chickie tour guide even did a decent job explaining how electricity is generated.


That is it for our travels, at least for now. We will be at Bryce until July 15th and then we are considering a stop at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon before heading back to Texas.

One thought on “Before Bryce …

  1. Oh, I guess I figured you’d be there all summer! Just a part-time job, huh? LOL Frank always wanted to save a few $$ and ‘camp’ at Wal-Mart but I always nixed it. Liked having hook-ups, place to build a fire, possibly a pool, ya know, scenic stuff.

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