The Fauna of Bryce Canyon (that you might actually see!)


As I have been appropriately reminded, there haven’t been many posts here on Airstream Adventures, of late. We have just been pretty busy with half of our days being taken up with Camphost duties. The other days we have been hiking or driving to town for supplies.

I have been wanting to share some pictures of the wildlife. We are also seeing a lot of birds but I haven’t gotten any pictures of those. We really are going to have to get a book of Utah Birds. Some of them have been gorgeous but we don’t know what we are looking at!


Last time we visited Bryce Canyon National Park, we looked and looked for the Utah Prairie Dog but never saw one. We were starting to think all the signs were just for show. They are pretty rare but it turns out the problem was timing last time – they start hibernating in August.

The Sunset Campground (where we are this summer) is just on the edge of one of the Prairie Dog towns but we ended up getting closest to one of the little critters along the trail to the Lodge. We had probably walked past him a dozen times. He was less than five feet away all along!


They are highly endangered but seem to be doing pretty well here. We have only heard two radio calls about recovering bodies from the road (one was hit by the garbage truck.) They have to be put in the fridge at the Visitor’s Center for later analysis. Recovering dead prairie dogs is apparently one of the many duties of the Law Enforcement Rangers here at Bryce Canyon (along with Search and Rescue, dealing with problem campers, and directing traffic, just to name a few things.)


More animals still to come …

6 thoughts on “The Fauna of Bryce Canyon (that you might actually see!)

  1. Aww…they are cutter than the ones in the Philly Zoo!! Never knew they were fluffy (unless that is just their Spring fur)! So cute – thanks for sharing. Love to see all the flora and fauna (National Geographic style)! Glad you’re keeping busy and not bored!!

    1. Yes, I definitely have been sewing. It works out great when we are on-duty and just have to be hanging out around camp. I get in a good four hours.

      There is a “big” quilt show in Panguitch next weekend. Should be interesting … It is a little town with one tiny grocery store but they put on a big Show with a ton of classes.

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