Red Canyon (which isn’t a Canyon either)


Adjacent to Bryce Canyon National Park (which isn’t really a Canyon) is Red Canyon (which isn’t really a Canyon either) in the Dixie National Forest. You have to drive through the area on your way to Bryce if you are coming from the West via Panguitch. It is really a beautiful area with several carved tunnels for car traffic. I didn’t stand in the road like some people do to take a picture of them, though!


Red Canyon is the place that we send people that are looking for a real sunset. Even though we have a Sunset Point at Bryce Canyon the sun doesn’t set over our Canyon (which does kind of look like a Canyon but isn’t).


We weren’t planning on a big day of hiking but we ended up enjoying a couple of short hikes and one really great hike on Buckhorn Trail. There are even some interesting formations like this camel that you can see without trekking more than a mile or so on the appropriately named Hoodoo Trail:


Here is Alan hanging out in front one of the ancient Bristlecone Pines …


… and a close-up of the tree (and Alan!)


I think this is a Pinyon Pine cone where you can get those great pine nuts:


Just a pretty flower against the red rock to close out this post …