We don’t actually have a sunset here ….


One of the more common questions we would get at Bryce Canyon was “What time is sunset?” Alan would just answer the question and leave it at that. I on the other hand, couldn’t leave it so easily and the conversation would go something like this …

Visitor: Can you tell me what time sunset is tonight?
Me: Let me see. Is today Wednesday? (I constantly lost track of the day of the week.)
Visitor: Thank you.
Me: Where were you planning on going?
Visitor: Sunset Point, of course. Isn’t that the best place?
Me: Well, actually we are an East-facing canyon (with a Price is Right model-like wave towards the East) and don’t have a real sunset.
Visitor: Oh.
Visitor: Then why do they call it Sunset Point?
Me: It’s been called that forever.
Me: The canyon is pretty around sunset with the shadows but you should get there earlier.
Me: You should think about getting up for sunrise. It is really beautiful.
Visitor: Should I go to Sunrise Point?
Me: Well, you can. Sunrise is beautiful anywhere along the rim but Bryce Point is probably the best.


This actual conversation happened at least 50 times.

I did get up for sunrise once, when my Mom and Motor Maid Nancy stopped by for a visit. We went to Bryce Point. It was beautiful!