The List to end All Lists

Two separate, unrelated events converging have caused me to make a list. For those of you who know me, the first thing you would say is: “You don’t need a reason to make a list!” That is definitely true but this list took an extra effort.

Event 1: My Bee/Friendship Group announced a UFO challenge. Put $2.50 in the pot for each project you intend to finish before the end of the year. Get one entry in a drawing to win the money for each project you actually finish.

Event 2: We started packing for what may be our longest (in time, maybe not miles) trip.

So, with these two Events on the horizon, I started making a list. It was a list of every sewing project (mostly quilting) that I have either already started or at a minimum bought (or set aside) fabric for, including purchased kits.


I’m not sure if I want to actually admit to how long this list is, at least in public but I will – 42! Yes, I have 42 projects in various stages of completion. Some are practically finished and just need binding. Some are just a pile of fabric. I am very confident that this is every unfinished project.

I have taken a stitch, at least, in 23 of them.

I opted to put 12 of these on my Bee UFO challenge list:

1. Bee Swap Black and White
2. Squares
3. Christmas Cactus
4. I Spy
5. Wonky Stars
6. My First Judy
7. Storm at Sea
8. Modern Log Cabin
9. Fall Table Runner
10. Bikini Mini (Kids Clothes)
11. Wind Spinner
12. Christmas Row by Row (not!)

Anything that needed more than just binding, I brought on this trip. For the first time, I’m traveling with basted quilts that need quilting. We will see how that goes.

I tried only to pack projects that were on this list but in the end, three other small projects made it into my box of supplies.

I love making lists but I also love organizing! Since I was already making a mess out of my closets/drawers/shelves while packing/listing, I also got my room in tip-top shape.


When we do finally make it back home, it will be fun getting to work in this room on the remaining 32 unfinished projects (and hopefully no new ones!)