Does Twice Make a Tradition?


We took a pretty direct route from Texas to Virginia without any dilly-dallying. I volunteered with Girls on the Run at a local school (if you don’t already know about this very cool organization, be sure to check it out!) and I wanted to be in town for the start of the season on March 3rd.

On our fourth day, we drove and drove and drove – about 9 hours, which is pretty unusual for us.  Virginia was expecting a big storm late on Sunday and we wanted to get into camp, position the rig and maybe do some set up before it hit. We made it to the gate around 6 PM and met the Ranger who escorted us back to Oak Grove Campground along Scenic Drive.

Scenic Drive didn’t look like this when we arrived but it did by Tuesday:



Well, to make a long story short … we ended up driving back along Scenic Drive on Sunday and went home. No, just kidding! We did drive back along Scenic Drive but only because everyone thought we might be stuck in the back of the Park for multiple days until they could get the road open. Instead, we made camp on one of the RV pads they have for Visitor Center volunteers near the front of the Park and here we still sit.


The same thing happened to us at Bryce. We got to the Park, set up camp and then a storm hit. We got to drive out to the rim of the canyon and see the hoodoos blanketed in snow. Here, we got out and hiked/walked along the road on Tuesday when the sun broke through the clouds. No hoodoos but it was beautiful.