A Day in DC


My Mom came for a visit and we all headed into DC on the Metro to check out the Cherry Blossoms in bloom. The weather could have been a touch warmer but it was sunny most of the time. It was our first time on the Metro but it worked out great. We will definitely be taking the train into the city again – no need to hassle with parking or traffic.

The National Park Service forecasts peak blossoms and we were right in the sweet spot. The Cherry Blossom Festival goes on for a couple of weeks but we were aiming for the best blooms!

We walked all the way around the Tidal Basin. There are plenty of opportunities to view the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

From the Jefferson Memorial you can see both the Washington Monument and the Whitehouse. I'm not sure I would have noticed the Whitehouse in the distance. My Mom overheard one of the tour guides/teachers point it out to the high school students.

I will save the pictures from the other sites for another day and close with the star of the show – the Cherry Blossoms: