Birds! Birds! Birds!

Run, Tippy Hedron, Run!

Our time here at Oak Ridge Campground in Prince William Forest Park has mostly been all about the weather. It seemed like there was nothing but snow to write about for the first month and now we have rain. The campers only really show up on Saturday (but then they show up in mass!)

We've done some hiking and walked to Subway for lunch a couple of times. We've also started checking out some of the sites. Besides seeing the Cherry Blossoms in bloom, we toured a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian house, visited the National Museum of the Marine Corp and went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

So far, the birds have definitely been the highlight of our time in the Park!

One of the most distinctive memories Alan and I share from our early Airstream Adventures is of a “birder” at Falcon Reservoir in Texas. (I made a passing reference to the “interesting characters” in my South Texas post.) A guy walked by in nothing but a speedo and boots with a large set of binoculars strapped to his chest. He was clearly there for birding! This image in my head keeps me from calling myself a “birder”. But, we own two copies of the Sibley Guide and are always watching for birds, both at home and in the trailer. So, maybe we are birders!

This is an Indigo Bunting. I would have told you we hadn't ever seen one before but then I went and searched the blog and found this post: Indigo Bunting. I'm quite sure that these pictures here are of an Indigo Bunting. One of the rangers confirmed the siting and his wife is a committed birder. (I'm not 100% sure the picture from Sleepy Bear Dunes is an Indigo Bunting.)

Did I mention that we also have a water feeder? The Goldfinches seem to like it.

One of the coolest birds that recently showed up at our feeder is the Rose-breasted Grosbeak. The female is brown with an interesting mask across her eyes but you can't miss the males with their very obvious red breast.


One last bird for today, the Tufted Titmouse. I don't have the best photo of his tuft and orange flanks but since he was one of the first to arrive, I didn't want to leave him out.