Quechee Gorge

I wanted to put up a quick blog post documenting our time between Prince William Forest Park (outside of Virginia) and Acadia National Park in Maine (which will require several posts with all the pictures I took of the beautiful coastal scenery.) We often use a search of the blog to answer the question: Have we been there? or Where did we stay?

We left Prince William Forest Park (after more than 3 months as the camphosts at Oakridge Campground) on June 10th and headed right into Pennsylvania. We had reservations at French Creek State Park where family would be meeting us for the weekend. I will just say we had a great time at French Creek! It isn't our typical Park but all of the family that came out to see us and stayed made it a fabulous experience. I hope we get to do it again some time.

After a layover in New York with Alan's family, we stopped at the aforementioned Hyde Park, with lunch at the Culinary Institute of America. We met the nicest security guard at the CIA who escorted us to some suitable parking and gave us a ride back to the campus. It really made for a great experience. Alan was a little disappointed in the Book Store since there weren't any chef's coats to be had. Lunch was as good as you would expect from a cooking school.

We spent the night at the Alps Family Campground outside of Albany. We wanted to make a stop at our alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. It was fun to see what had changed in the 25+ years since we had been to the campus. We didn't remember all the landscaping and flowers but our old dorm, BARH was very much the same as we remembered it!

Next stop: Quechee Gorge State Park in Vermont. We didn't have much of a plan for our route from Troy, NY to Acadia National Park. Alan remembered visiting Quechee Gorge as a kid and a call to the Park confirmed that they had space available for Friday night. It was a lovely campground.

We hiked along the Gorge in the morning and made a quick trip out to a nearby farm for maple syrup and cheese tasting. There is a dam at the head of Quechcee Gorge, with a pretty little lake. The Army Corp. of Engineers put in the dam (with a small power plant) to help control flooding down stream. Alan remembers the gorge being bigger as a kid and didn't remember that the bridge over the gorge was actually the road.

Next stop was the King Arthur Baking store and cafe (where I had the best BLT sandwich I have ever tasted!) and then a lovely night at the Bangor, ME WalMart.



One thought on “Quechee Gorge

  1. Thanks for updating us!! Love hearing about all your adventures!! Have a great time in Nova Scotia and Canada!!

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