Acadia, Amazing Acadia!

I still have a few small blogposts to finish from our time at Prince William Forest Park but I really wanted to share the first of my pictures from Acadia National Park in Maine.

We are, as anyone who has even briefly perused this blog knows, huge fans of the National Parks in the US. At first, I was thinking that Acadia might be a bit of a disappointment. We went straight to Blackwoods Campground where we had reservations with only a few quick glimpses of the water. (The campground was the same as all the other NP campgrounds – crowded with small sites. That wasn't surprising or unexpected.) I went to bed wondering if this Park was actually worthy of the National Park designation.

First thing the next morning we headed out on the only trail accessible from the campground – the Southride Trail to Cadillac Mountain. It was a beautiful day and the hiking was lovely – scenic, well-marked forest trail, little, if any garbage around, and friendly hikers.

The views at the top of Cadillac Mountain (the highest point on Acadia) were spectacular and well worth the hike! This is what a National Park should look like!


There were a lot of people at the top (with a snackbar/gift shop) but that was because you can drive to the top. We found a quiet place for lunch and then headed back down the other side of the “mountain”. It was a bit steep coming down in some places but then we came to one of the several sets of stairs that were paid for by wealthy donors years ago.

You could even get your name carved in stone if you paid for one of the these grand (and very well built!) trails.

I think the stair trails are super cool and I would have loved to hike them all – up and down!

I'm not sure if it was on the way up or down, but I made Alan wait for 10 minutes while we listened to the frogs that were living in this pond. I recorded them – maybe I will figure out how to embed the sound in this post.

The views on the way down the other side of the mountain were pretty amazing as well.

Day 1 done. Only 5 more to go …


3 thoughts on “Acadia, Amazing Acadia!

  1. Loving the Acadia photos; they’d be perfect to paint. The blue water is the same intense blue of Crater Lake, Oregon. Acadia is on our list (one of my brothers lives in Brunswick, Maine) and now we know the beautiful scenery we will one day enjoy thanks to your adventures and posted photos. Love ya.

  2. Beautiful photos – thanks for sharing! Love that you had Alan waiting till you heard all the frog ribbits!! Too funny!

  3. Really envious of your adventures, Maureen. Frank & I loved to trailer and visited Maine once without the trailer. My dream was to someday get back up there and just spend a month pottin’ around Maine. Alas, that will never be. Enjoy every moment you have!!

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