More Acadia

On our second day in Acadia we got the bikes off the roof of the truck and took a Park bus into Bar Harbor. We road around the town for a bit, had a fantastic lunch at Side Street Cafe and then headed for the Carriage Roads.

The weather was perfect. We had a really fun day and ended up riding about 25 miles. You can tell Alan was having a good time because he stopped and actually posed for this picture!

We loved the carriage roads so much that we scheduled a long run before we left so we could get out on them again. I would volunteer at this Park just to have the opportunity to run on the Carriage Roads every day!


There are close to 20 of these beautfiul stone bridges all along the Carriage Roads.


The next day was overcast but we headed out for another hike, this time up the coast. We drove to the closest Parking Lot – Otter Point and just walked North until we got to Bar Harbor. The bus brought us back to our car later that day. The bus system in this Park is really terrific.


I could of sat on these rocks for hours on a sunny day just watching the waves. We saw people doing just that later in the week!

There were tide pools to play in but I never did find a sea urchin. The creatures that live in the little barnacles were out waving in some places!


We had lunch overlooking Sand Beach. There were only a few people here this day.

Large parts of Acadia are still private property. There are a lot of beautiful “cottages” but this one may have the best view!


Brian and Will met us here. Next stop: Canada!



3 thoughts on “More Acadia

  1. Glad you gave us some “More Acadia”!! You are making us want to get up there again! Of course, when we were there (for one night only before catching the ferry to Nova Scotia) we did not take advantage of any of the most interesting areas. I think we spent most our time pitching a tent and packing up our little Ford Pinto. Would absolutely love to do it again a little more civilized, though.

  2. You have gotten to be such an accomplished photographer, Maureen. The photos are stunning, loved those beautiful bridges and that COTTAGE–WOW!! Such great adventures you guys take!

    1. Thanks so much, Sherrill! Almost all of the pictures were taken with my phone. I couldn’t see the difference in the pictures from my big camera any more and my phone is a lot less trouble to carry around.

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