Driving the trailer right up inside a ship was definitely an experience. It was somewhat difficult to get reservations on the trip from North Sydney to Newfoundland and we ended up on the “cargo” run. There was only a sunset for entertainment, unless you wanted to talk to the truck drivers that made the trip regularly.


The clouds were much more interesting as we left port – these would have made for some dramatic sunset pictures!

We didn't have a plan for camping after we arrived in Port aux Basques but we managed to find a spot for the night and then made our way to Barachois Pond Provincial Park (with a stop for lunch along the coast.)

Not sure exactly which ocean-dwelling creature this was:

The weather was a bit overcast for our one hike at Barachois Pond so I mostly have plant pictures to share.


We've stopped in Corner Brook for supplies. We have reservations in Gros Morne National Park for the next couple of days. Hopefully, the internet connection will hold up well enough here for me to post these and then I will be mostly caught up!


4 thoughts on “Newfoundland

  1. Another batch of such gorgeous photos!!! Really, you need to work for National Geographic. Did you take any photography lessons?? Just breathtaking!! Happy hiking, discovering and happy trails!! 🙂

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