Great Northern Peninsula

We have been enjoying terrific weather on the Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland. After Gros Morne National Park, we stopped in Port au Choix and Quirpon (near St. Anthony) then took the ferry to Labrador for the day.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from Port au Choix.

Arches Provincial Park
Port au Choix


Point Riche Lighthouse at Port au Choix Historic Site

Finally, the bread going into the French bread oven! Fishermen from the Normandy area came to this area and fished the Gulf of St. Lawrence but were prohibited from building permanent structures. There solution was to build these outdoor, communal bread ovens for cooking.

There are many communities that have rebuilt them and fire them up on a regular schedule. This day was a small celebration of the Limestone Barrens where several endangered and threatened flowers grow. We got to hang out with tourists and some locals while enjoying the bread and local jams. I am a big fan of the Cloudberry/Bakeapple!


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