Red Bay

After touring the L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site and learning about the vikings and their adventures in “Vinland” and exploring the Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve, I talked the guys into going across the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Labrador. We turned around in Quirpon and spent the night near the ferry terminal in St. Barbe. (It wasn't nearly as dramatic to drive onto the ferry without the trailers.)

Red Bay and the Red Bay National Historic Site were definitely the highlights of Labrador. They found the remains of a 1565 whaling vessel in the water right behind a ship that had wrecked in 1965. After a long archeological investigation, they put what was left of the ship back in the Bay.

There are berries ripening all over the Province right now. I've become a big fan of the Cloudberry. The Cloudberry (or Bakeapple) Jam I bought in Quirpon is gone already.

We did a little hike after touring the Historic Site. They had a really lovely boardwalk to the highest point in town.

It was a long day. We went back to Newfoundland on the 8:00 PM ferry with a lot of locals and spent most of the trip tryng to understand the lilting dialect of English spoken in this area.


I'm posting these from Dildo Run Provincial Park nearTwillingate. We stopped here for a few nights thinking we might go to Fogo and Barr'd Island but they don't take reservations on the Ferry and we don't want to risk not getting back! This area has been kind of crowded anyway, compared to the rest of Newfoundland and Labrador.

We are off to St. John to wait out another hurricane. Then, we will start the drive back around this Island. There are a few things we planned to see on the way back, so it is likely to be two more weeks or so before we get the return Ferry to Nova Scotia.


One thought on “Red Bay

  1. My kind of boardwalk!! Would love to run up and down that a few times! Such beautiful colors on all your photos here! How are you going to pick just one to blow up as a 11 x 14 for your wall! LOL

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