St. John’s

View at Signal Hill

We spent a couple of days in the very interesting city of St. John's. As I write this, we are in Terra Nova National Park. Here are a few pictures from St. John's but it mostly rained while we were there. It was nice to have “unlimited” electricity and water in the trailer. We've been without hookups a lot of this trip and many campgrounds only have pond water with limited treatment so they tell you to boil it (although all the locals drink it without issue.)

I left off a couple of pictures from Labrador that I took at Point Amour. The Lighthouse was closed already when we got there but that was okay – we've seen a lot of lighthouses and they are best viewed from the outside. The clouds were rolling in but that didn't stop us from exploring the coastline. They had several shipwrecks in the area and there is still a lot of debris (aka rusty, old metal) around.




On our way to St. John's, we made a layover near Twillingate. It was a quaint town but a little touristy, compared to the rest of Newfoundland. It had it's own Polar Bear and there were still icebergs floating off the Coast.


Iceberg (just a tiny spec to the left of the island.)

We are booked on the Ferry back to Nova Scotia a week from today (Tuesday.) It looks like we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Gander or Grand Falls-Windsor.


4 thoughts on “St. John’s

  1. As always fantastic photos. I would take that lighthouse one and certainly blow it up and nail it to a wall!

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