I am going to wrap up our remaining stops in Newfoundland with one big post since I'm so far behind!
Terra Nova was all about the rain and the blueberries. We hiked a very wet trail but were rewarded with a big blueberry patch – there were a lot of baked goods to come.
Next stop was Gander. I really liked this little town. It had a nice quilt shop but that wasn't the only reason.

Gander took in thousands of air travelers stranded on 9/11 and made them as comfortable as they could – opened their homes, made meals – all on a moments notice. They gave from their hearts without expecting or wanting anything in return. This felt like a town of nice people!


We stopped at a very interesting aeronautical museum and learned about the role Gander played in the development of transatlantic air travel.

Dinner at the Bistro on Roe was terrific and we loved having Brian and Will with us to celebrate (although I had actually forgotten to invite them to come along.)

Next stop was Blow Me Down Provincial Park. The name comes from the Blomidon Mountains. (You can get a little sense of Newfoundland speak from this “translation.”) It was a beautiful area with only small coastal villages and a cove with a fabulous sunset.


I took so many photos, I finally had to make Alan choose his favorites.





Tucker even anjoyed a romp on the beach in the setting sun.

Our last stop in Newfoundland was Cheeseman Provincial Park, near Port aux Basque where we would get the ferry for our return to Nova Scotia. I may post a picture or two from here later … this post is already too big!

As I write this, we are in Nova Scotia at Caribou-Pictou Provincial Park. We will be heading across the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island today. It looks like we will make it home to Texas by the end of September or very early in October. I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends again! Miss you all!


4 thoughts on “Newfoundland

  1. Gosh, Maureen, I’ve been wondering what happened to you! No post in so long! But this one’s another goody with so many fabulous pictures. I didn’t bother to go back to see when you left–how long have you been gone? At least you’re missing all the hot! Won’t be too long before you’re home again though! Have a great rest of your trip and stay safe!

    1. Thanks so much, Sherrill! We left home at the end of February. This is by far our longest trip. We did spend over three months at Prince William Forest near DC so it hasn’t been that much traveling but I’m looking forward to getting home!

  2. I am play catch up with your post. The pictures are fantastic. Miss you and look forward to you coming back to Texas.

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