Blow Me Down

We are in New Brunswick now with only a few days before we split off from Brian and Will. (I still have a lot of photos to get posted, hopefully sooner rather than later.) We have found that many things are closing already so it seems right to start heading south.


These pictures are from Blow Me Down in Newfoundland. I really loved this Provincial Park and the views on our hike were fabulous. I will say that the hike to the Southhead Lighthouse was harder than I expected and the Lighthouse was gone but it was all worth it.

Not only did we hike at this Park but we also got up early to run before leaving. Alan and I went separate ways because I wanted to run up and down the Governor’s Stairs.
He was rewarded with a fox on the road and I was rewarded with amazing views.
We are at Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick. There is some wifi in the area, so maybe I will get caught up. Next stop is Fredericton, NB. We may turn North for a few days after the guys leave or spend some time in Maine/NH/Vermont. We should be home by October 1st – just about 7 months after we left.










4 thoughts on “Blow Me Down

  1. You seem to always get to be on the top of the world. I bet it will seem strange when you get home to no water around you! Beautiful shots again. Can’t wait for more!! Thanks for sharing as always!

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