Leaving Newfoundland

I keep saying that I'm going to wrap up my pictures from Newfoundland but then there are always more! Our last few days were a mixture of rain and beautiful skies. After Blow Me Down Provincial Park, we went to Cheeseman Provincial Park, near Port aux Basque where we would get the ferry back to Nova Scotia.

We started getting serious about running again here. We started our 18 week training plan to be ready for the Dallas Marathon in December. That means 5 days a week. Only one week in and I remembered how much I love having a “plan” to follow. No thinking about whether to run or how far – just follow the plan. Luckily, we had some beautiful (although with some puddle obstacles) places to run.

One day, when the sun was shining, we drove out to the Rose Blanch Lighthouse. At one point the all granite structure was mostly just a pile of rocks but it was lovingly restored by locals in the late 1990's.



Then, once again, we would board a ferry! This was a much nicer boat with services and nice seats – kind of like a small cruise ship. There were a lot of trucks that made the journey with us that day. It is the only way to get supplies to and from Newfoundland.


Next stop: Cape Breton Island


One thought on “Leaving Newfoundland

  1. Wow! How gorgeous a shot is that Blanch Lighthouse one?? Mega gorgeous! Some great photos here….and even a flat land one (for running). Love it! Good luck (and a healthy one) with training!

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