Fortress of Louisburg

The ferry ride back to Nova Scotia was very nice. We had terrific weather and this time we weren't on the “freight” run so there were a lot of people and the boat had open restaurants. We paid for assigned seating and got a great view for the whole trip in a quiet area.

Our first stop, after the WalMart (and my run past the local landfill) was the Fortress of Louisburg. It was originally built by the French and then rebuilt by Canada. When the coal mine closed, the government used this as a kind of jobs program and they reconstructed a large part of the town to how it would have looked around 1750. To get a sense of the scale of the Fortress, consider that it took us all day to walk around!

As was typical for the area and time period, the Fort passed into British hands twice and was finally abandoned.

This National Historic Site employs a lot of people in period garb and they do reenactments and demonstrations of typical activities.

Lace Making


Public Humiliation

The structures were all very impressive and they had excellent displays about the construction techniques. I took a lot of pictures so I'm going to wrap up this Post and save the rest of Cape Breton Island for my next.

We are back in the States now (and should have internet access most of the time) so hopefully I can get caught up and finish documenting our trip before we make it back home to Texas.



2 thoughts on “Fortress of Louisburg

  1. HOW PRETTY! Maureen, you are just a wealth of information and a fantastic photographer (heck, I think you’re good at everything you do! LOL). I saw lace making like that when we were in Belgium years ago. Not sure I could keep up with what went next! HA

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