Cape Breton National Park

I had been really looking forward to visiting Cape Breton Island National Park and I wasn't disappointed. The ocean scenery was magnificent. The Park is pretty large so we camped for a couple of nights on both sides of the Park.

Before I go on about the Park, we did make another stop on our way – the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. Did you know that he used the money he made on the telephone to fund all kinds of other research and experimentation, particularly around flight?

Most of the easily accesible part of Cape Breton Island National Park are on the coast, you can also enjoy a gurgling brook in the woods.

I don't drive often but I did this day and got a great Airsteam in the Rearview picture from the driver's side:

We were safely stopped at the time I took the picture!

Camping the second time in the Park was not without controversy. Apparently, not everyone finds our beautiful Airstream trailers to be worthy of an ocean-side campground (that is mostly filled with tents.)

We enjoyed some fabulous hiking and even spotted a moose in the woods.

Alan and I came back to this trail before pulling out on our last day to run and almost ran into a moose! She stopped and looked at us but darted into the woods before I could get my camera out to take a picture. That early morning was amazing!



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