A New Airstream Adventure


From the blog, you might think that we were still in Cape Breton Island after all this time but of course, I just never finished posting about the trip after that stop.  Sometimes my enthusiasm for posting wanes since I do this mostly to keep a record of the places we’ve been. You would be surprised how often one of us says “Have we been here before?”

After getting back to Texas, we put our 2006 Airstream 23′ Safari into storage and later sold it to our good friends who are now enjoying their own adventures. After more than a year without a trip, we’ve started A New Airstream Adventure of our own!  On Monday, November 30, 2015, we picked up our 2016 Airstream 25′ Flying Cloud with a queen bed in the rear and white mica countertops at Foley RV Center in Gulfport, MS.

We had a great experience at Foley and headed right out to Buccaneer State Park for a short shake-down stay.  (Foley offered us the option of spending the night in their lot but we passed.) We would never stay at Buccaneer (Waveland, MS) during the peak season because this is also a waterpark and is probably a zoo with kids in the summer.  It was lovely to camp right on the water but we never sat outside because of the mosquitos. I did enjoy my run along the water last night at dusk.  

We will head towards Texas today and back to some of our favorite campgrounds that we visited with our first Airstream.  

7 thoughts on “A New Airstream Adventure

  1. Coming to Texas!!! I hope this means you’ll be coming to a campground in Grapevine and have time to catch up with your old friends! Love the look of the new Airstream – I hope you’ll have many happy adventures to share with those of us who love to travel vicariously through your posts.

    1. We are planning to be in Grapevine. You have to plan on stopping in for a visit! We will probably get in on Monday or Tuesday. Hope to see you!

  2. Congrats on your new Airstream! I started following your blog when you were hosting at Bryce and we had just ordered our Airstream. Funny thing is — we were hired yesterday as campground hosts at Bryce. Enjoy!

    1. Meribeth, It looks like our paths will be crossing again. We will be at Bryce camp hosting again for the Spring. See you then!

      1. Maureen, We’re starting to pack (or think about packing) for Bryce. Do you have any words of wisdom for us? What shouldn’t we forget to pack? We’re leaving Florida mid-March. See you there!

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