McKinney Falls State Park

At least five times in the last week, one of us questioned whether we have been some place before and had to go to the blog for verification (including whether or not we had ever stayed in this campground!) I may not write great prose, but this blog definitely serves a purpose. 

For the record, this is our first documented visit to McKinney Falls State Park.  When we’ve been in this area, we typically stayed at Buescher or Bastrop State Park but this time we opted to stay closer to Austin where Brian and Will were camping.  

The campground is a typical Texas State Park with a decent amount of space for each site, suitable (if not new) showers, and plenty of Airstreams. We enjoyed the paved trail through the Park for a couple of runs and spotted an awfully large coyote.  He was wary of us but not skittish enough to run off at first sight and I was able to get a picture.

Parts of the paved trail were closed due to flooding in October and there is still enough water flowing over the falls to make wet feet inevitable for a crossing to the old McKinney homestead (which we did not do.)  Onion Creek did have some large fish just taunting you to try and catch them! 

We will just say that we enjoyed an interesting dinner with Brian and Will at Black Star Co-Op on the North side of Austin.  They have a nice beer menu and the food was good.  I loved my beet salad – fresh and tasty.  Lunch was at the Noble Sandwich Company (also good but my grilled sandwich was cold.)  It was close to a fun quilt shop – The Cloth Pocket.  

We’ve been to the Congress Street bridge twice – once for a morning walk and then to run around Lady Bird Lake (which is really more of a wide spot in the Colorado River.)  Alan and I both agreed that finding a good place to run in an area is a great way to explore and get a good feel for the community.  We are planning on making it a priority while we are travelling.

We will be travelling in a northerly direction from here – first a stop in DFW and then a slow drive home to Pennsylvania, arriving just in time for Christmas. 

2 thoughts on “McKinney Falls State Park

  1. I’m assuming that’s the Christmas ornament Alan likes. Sounds like all is going well and looking forward to your coming home! Love you … Mom

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