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The title says it all – it is time to document another Airstream Adventure. We are on the road again!

Last spring we headed straight for Bryce Canyon National Park to volunteer so there wasn’t much to write about – although we could write volumes about the campers we met while Camphosting! We hope to go back there again but this season we decided to visit some places we haven’t seen before. 

We started with a great family camping weekend in New Jersey over Memorial Day Weekend (which was really a lot of fun despite the occasional rain.) I can’t say I’ve ever eaten better while camping – my cousin’s husband, Jim, cooked all kinds of great dishes including clams, steak and soft shell crab. It was a blast to hang out with the girls. 

So, we started on one coast and we are heading (in a very round about way) to the other. Our first stop was till in Pennsylvania – Ohiopyle State Park. Alan picked it as a convenient place to stay while visiting Fallingwater – the amazing house designed by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  The house was worth the stop (and the cost of the tour.) 

Ohiopyle was a great Park. We had a lovely spot in the Campground all to ourselves. 

We only did a little exploring while we were there but I’m sure we will be back since it is a reasonable days drive from home. 

Next stop: Pittsburgh. 

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    1. Thank you, JoAnne! (I’ve texted and emailed you recently – have you changed everything? Drop me a note when you get a minute.)

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