The Great River Road

We didn’t just go to St. Louis for the food!

It was also a great place to pick up The Great River Road that runs along the Mississippi River all the way to the source in Minnesota.  We aren’t in any big rush and this seemed like a good route since our short term objective was Minnesota and Voyeageurs National Park.  

Our first day was great on The Great River Road.  We mostly drove up the Illinois side and followed the well-marked, nice roads through scenic country.  We had a “big” driving day – 130 miles but then again we aren’t in any rush to get anywhere.  We stopped for the night in Quincy, IL at the Driftwood RV Park – a fine, small, clean and tidy campground. 

We didn’t head right out the next morning but stopped to see Villa Katherine – a very interesting “mansion” in Quincy designed and built by a local who had travelled extensively in the Mediterranean and Morroco. We enjoyed the simple, self guided tour around the restored house.

Villa Katherine has an interesting history. The railroad tricked the owner into selling it and it fell into ruin for many years. You can read all about it here:  Villa Katherine.

Next up:  Our “great” adventures on The Great River Road!


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