Walking Bettendorf

We had some great weather, so we drove back across the bridge to Iowa and walked Bettendorf – 13 miles! We weren’t fast but we enjoyed a lot of interesting sights along the way.

This is a bad picture of a Mayfly. You would think I could get a better photo considering there were millions of them! Supposedly, a large Mayfly hatch is a good indication of a healthy river ecosystem so The Mississippi must be doing pretty well. Did you know the males don’t even have a mouth? They don’t live long enough to need to eat. That’s it for Mayfly trivia today.

There were interesting sculptures along the river:

From a distance, we weren’t sure what this was:

Turns out it was art, too – lots of symbolism here. 

Bettendorf was a nice area with a cute little downtown. This was the fire station, so you get the idea:

So, at one point, the path along The Mississippi River turns in and goes through a light industrial/commercial section. We are just walking and not paying much attention when we end up next to this Lancscape company with, as you would expect, some nice landscaping! Well, there was also a well staged collection of antiques. I really should have walked down the levy to get closer but we were at mile 12 and I didn’t want to have to walk back up the levy!

Next up: Davenport