Quad Cities

We ended up spending several days in the Quad Cities. There was just a lot of interesting things (at least for us)! While we stayed on the Illinois side of The Great River, most of our time was spent in Iowa. First stop, a quilt shop which just happened to be right next door to Antique Archeology, home of The American Pickers. 

Looks just like the television show from this vantage point:

There were a lot of the items we had seen “picked” on the show – most of which weren’t for sale. There actually wasn’t a whole lot for sale, except for t-shirts. No signs of any of the cast! It was a cool place, though, especially if you like looking at interesting old things.

Here is the last time you will see me with much hair for quite a while:

We also walked around downtown Davenport a bit in the afternoon. There was the river, a lock/dam and more bridges. We tried to go to a river-related museum on Rock Island but it turns out you have to have an Army background check in advance before you can get onto the Island. It is a functioning Army Depot.

One more bridge – the Sky Bridge. It used to go to a casino but now it seems that locals mostly use it as a place to get some exercise. Up the stairs, run across the bridge and back down the stairs gets you a pretty good workout.

We also stopped in another local art/craft gallery and found this in the elevator. Maybe people needed something to do when the elevator broke down?

Our last tourist stop was the World’s Largest Truck Stop (and museum) – Iowa 80. If you are into old trucks, there was a great collection to see.

Oh, and before I wrap up here, this is what Antique Archeology looks like without the camera angle:

Next stop:  Dubuque, IA


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