We found a nice, smallish campground just outside of Dubuque – Hoot Owl Hollow. It was relatively clean with a pretty large number of seasonals, which is probably why it only showed up in Google and not in the Good Same App. We are finding campgrounds through Google more frequently and the reviews have been pretty helpful – we pretty much are getting what we expect. 

We did a nice walk through town to the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

I got to see my favorite turtle – the alligator snapping turtle. Not sure why I find them so interesting – they never move! But, they are big and scary looking.

This is not an alligator snapping turtle. It is just a turtle doing some yoga and acting a little put out that I was watching.

We also walked along the river, checked out the art and watched a barge pass through a swinging bridge.

We detoured slightly to see one of the only remaining Shot Towers. It was constructed in 1856 and they used it to make lead ammunition. You can read more about it here: Dubuque Shot Tower

We did have quite the adventure on the way home waiting out the rain and then passing through some kind of motorcycle gathering – we got a bit of the stink eye, I would say.

That is it for Dubuque. Next stop: Effigy Mounds National Monument