More Fun on The Great River Road

We left Dubuque without reservations or any plan other than to continue up The Great River Road.

We stopped to see a Fish Hatchery in Guttenberg, which wasn’t used any more but it did have a nice fish exhibit. We learned some stuff about mussels – did you know they spend their early life attached to a fish? 

Of course, there was a dam and a lock:

We walked through town, had some fun squashing coins on the train track, lunch at Subway and there was this:

After we got back on the road, we thought for sure there was going to be a low-speed train crash.  We still aren’t sure what was going on but the crossing train finally stopped and backed up.

We finally arrived at Effigy Mounds National Monument and were NOT able to use our National Parks Volunteer Pass but that didn’t stop me from whipping it out at the desk! I’m really a bit of a National Park geek, especially with the whole volunteer thing. Go ahead, laugh at me, I don’t care! I’ve also tried to use our Pass at Cuyahoga Valley National Park but they didn’t charge an entrance fee there either.

By the time we finished our hike out to the farthest river overlook at Effigy Mounds, it was getting late. So, we opted for the closest campground – Yellow River State Forest, Big Paint Campground. The weather was perfect for dry camping and we practically had the place to ourselves.  

Next Up: Austin, Austin, Minnesota that is.