Minne Haa Haa Opolis AKA Minneapolis

Yes, that is one of the things we learned – Minneapolis is a made up name from Minne Haa Haa (waterfall) and Opolis (think metropolis). The waterfall in Minneapolis was the key to it’s existence – all the flour mills were powered by the water at the falls.

There isn’t much left of the falls to see and it turns out I didn’t take any actual pictures of it. This is the Stone Arch Bridge that is just below the falls.

We walked into town along the river, toured the Mill City Museum (which was fabulous except for the gaping hole in their covered of flour sacks as quilt fabric!), crossed the Stone Arch Bridge and walked back up the other side. It was a beautiful day with big blue skies.

This is a picture of a man lift that they used in the flour mills.  It brought back memories of riding these in the Power Plants at DWP.

Only after the abandoned mill burnt down did the historical society get it’s act in gear to preserve what was left of the structure.  

The entire walk along The Mississippi River was fabulous.

We also stopped at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Alan loved the big blue rooster (FYI – the beard is gone now!)

My favorite was the bell that didn’t have a ringer but moved on the hour. We were there right at 12 Noon and you could hear all the bells in town tolling but no sound from this one. I’ve got a long video but I’m not sure it would have the same effect if you weren’t there in person.

We both loved this sculpture. My photo does not do it any justice – the face was amazing and very expressive.

We also both enjoyed this exhibit – it looked like clay and wood but was actually bronze.  You were encouraged to sit in the chair and experience the art. You would be surprised at how comfortable a bronze chair can be.

I’m going to finish up with the very famous cherry on a spoon. I liked this angle for something different.

Our first day in Minneapolis was at the Mall of America (with it’s indoor amusement park, Lego Land, Crayola Experience and lucky for me a Merrell Store where I finally found a new pair of sandals.)

We also spent some time at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I loved this large installation. It may just inspire a quilt someday.

Here are a couple more pictures from our walk through the city.

Next stop: Bug City AKA Savannah Portage State Park


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