We weren’t really planning on coming to Duluth but it has turned out to be a great city to visit. We got in early and headed out for dinner – a Wild Rice Burger and a Poutine Burger at Fitger’s. Both were terrific! I started eating the Wild Rice Burger before remembering to take a picture but it really just looked like a regular beef burger (and tasted like one.) We couldn’t decide whether the regular fries or the sweet potatoe fries were better.


The next day was beautiful and we headed out for a walk on the Lakewalk. This may just yet be our favorite waterside walk of all time – clean and scenic with plenty of restrooms and interesting places to stop.  

Some of the walk was right along I35 but they did a great job keeping you from realizing it.

We toured the US Steel Company flagship from the 60’s and 70’s – the S.S. William A. Irvin. We’ve been on other ships but this was our first bulk freight carrier and it was fitted with beautiful rooms for dignitaries.  

We got stopped for a while by the Minnesota Slip Bridge. You could walk around the little harbor (or slip) but it was more fun to watch the bridge go up and down so the boats could pass.

We also walked over the Aerial Lift Bridge which was very cool to watch, too.

We walked out to the lighthouse on the other side, just because but were disappointed to find NO interpretive signs.

The view from the other side of the Aerial Lift Bridge:

It was a hot, long day but I’m not sure we even burned off half of the calories from our dinner the night before!

Next up:  More Duluth