More Duluth

As I write this on Tuesday morning, we are just preparing to leave Duluth and that is great news because it means I have finally caught up with blog posts! I have plenty of time this morning because we have a grand total of 157 miles to drive over the next three days. We have reservations at the Grand Portage Resort and Casino Campground on Thursday and our boat ride to Isle Royale on Friday. We will be taking the North Shore Scenic Byway aka Hwy 61 and it looks like there will be a lot of places to stop/view/hike along the route. Not sure where we will be camping along the way but we will find something!

Our second day in Duluth was calling for rain, so we headed for the Glensheen Historic Estate tour. We were smart to buy our tickets in advance on line because a lot of other people had the same idea. The only down-side was that we didn’t get to check out the grounds – maybe next time. Duluth is definitely one of those places that we would stop at again.

The house had beautiful detailing and a lot of Arts & Crafts/Prairie styling. 

It was built around 1908 and had electricity and it’s own coal boiler.

Off to a very tasty lunch at Toasty’s for soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and a blueberry fritter for desert.

Not sure where but in the past few weeks I had read that Frank Lloyd Wright designed a gas station. I had to get a pedicure now that I have my new sandals (see Mall of America post for more details on these) and was driving through nearby Cloquet and went past this. It turned out to be THE gas station. We headed back on Sunday to check it out and Alan graciously went back again (while doing the laundry and I was sewing – isn’t he the greatest?) to take this picture since I had only taken up close photos.

 It is an interesting contrast to Falling Water – here what may be his humblest/most utilitarian work and Fallingwater, his grandest. 

It had his signature font in the repair bays.

The weather cleared so we drove partially out Skyline Parkway. The views were pretty dramatic.

Enger Tower is just showing on the left. It is one of the few attractions in Duluth we didn’t see (at least yet.)

You eventually get to a dirt road in the woods but we kept going. 

This was kind of unexpected. It must be a natural spring but it was unclear why someone built the pond.

We’ve been staying at the Buffalo House “complex”. It is probably one of the most unusual campgrounds we’ve ever seen. It is a big sports complex (three baseball fields, three sand volleyball courts, a rink and a tennis court) with a bar/restaurant/banquet facility. There was a softball tournament going on over the weekend. I could write a long review about this place – the management/staff are very friendly and helpful but the camping leaves a bit to be desired. They do have a big buffalo out front, though so how could we pass it up!

Next stop: Somewhere along the North Shore of Lake Superior.