Driving the North Shore of Lake Superior

We got on the road for the 157 miles between Duluth and Grand Portage and managed to drive 39 miles on Tuesday!

First, we stopped at Enger Tower before we even left Duluth. It was one of the few attractions we hadn’t already visited. There was a beautiful 360 degree view from the top.

I have a strange obsession with stairs.

We made a few more stops along the shoreline to enjoy the scenery.

Alan couldn’t resist stopping for the big chicken. I found out later he had taken this picture while I was in the gift shop. The owner says they got the chicken off a flatbed truck traveling through town 25+ years ago. Apparently, the truck was delivering a dinosaur and a bear up the road and just had this chicken to sell. Really.

There was a Subway in Two Harbors and we already had a “long” day so we stopped for lunch and decided to stay and camp at Burlington Bay. We didn’t want to overdo it or anything and we had spent an hour in the truck!

Once we got in camp, we headed out for a walk to the lighthouse on Agate Bay. Iron ore has been the foundation of this town since 1884 and there was a humongous ore loading dock. You can just see a large white pickup truck sitting on the top of the middle dock. 

The lighthouse on Agate Bay was still operating but we were able to walk up (and down) the stairs. Do you want to stay here? They turned the lighthouse keepers house into a Bread and Breakfast.

We also visited the 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) museum which was founded here in Two Harbors. It was a small place but learning all about the 3M innovations was really interesting. We still have the rail depot to visit tomorrow before we hit the road.

Next up: More driving up the North Coast of Lake Superior


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