Fording the Missippi River

We had beautiful weather in Minnesota yesterday – sunny and warm but not too hot. We figured that is all we needed to ford The Great River. First, we walked two miles to get to a good crossing point. Then, we had to avoid the rushing torrent of toddlers.  It took great focus, strength and determination to keep from getting our feet wet as we crossed The Missippi River at the headwaters just as it leaves Lake Itasca.

Alan made the journey first.

Following closely in his footsteps, I then crossed the Great River with only a pause to chat with a 2-year old in my path.

The Great Missippi River was a beautiful stream with a pebbly bottom – no mud, no dams, no barges but there was a boardwalk so you could enjoy it.

We spent the rest of the day recovering  walking the rest of the hilly bike trail and ended up with just a little shy of 12 miles for the day. I’m feeling those hills today. Everyone on the bike trail were super friendly! Minnesota has definitely been a great place to visit.

We did stop at Preachers Grove to see the stand of old growth pine.

If they had been cut down, this is how they would have been hauled – The Logging Sled:

We leave Itasca State Park today for Pipestone National Monument. We’ve got to travel 250 miles today so time to get on the road!